Monday, 2 November 2015

Millionaire mind intensive day 3

And i finished. What was a very interesting feeling, was working close with 800 like minded people, all of them on their way or already financially independent. It was amazing, and i will cherish every one of those 3 days. You know about how did you felt when you meet this month at the FIRE Meetings? At least how i see it in my mind, but i am sure that in reality was much, much better! Now imagine hundreds of people like us. And you know most of them after 3 days. A lot of friends made, a lot of ideas, theories, techniques, improvements, tips and so on. Coming from people who already have the habit to over-deliver. A very good event, who in the end gave me some clarity, structure in my thoughts and direction. I will quantify the effects as i am a statistics fan, and i will tell you.

Tomorrow, in fact later today, i will do my monthly check and i will post it here.

See you. Good night.

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