Sunday, 3 July 2022

End of the month report - June 2022

 Total portfolio: £89609 (-101000)

Debt: ZERO
External funds: ZERO
Car: No
Net Worth: £89609 (-101000)

Investments UK: £63444 (-99800)
Investments overseas : £175 (£3000 of the savings will be used for wedding)
Cash: £3753 (+1903)
Pension: £20798 (+173)

Total Income: £1532(main job)+0(second job) + 1817= 3349
Passive income: £1817 (54.2%)
Savings rate: 54.2%

Side hustle 2 profit (Royalties): £ 0.03
Side hustle 3 profit (Match betting): £ 5
Side hustle 4 value (Crypto): £1800(Total funds still invested in crypto:8430)
Side hustle 5 profit (Focus groups): £0
Side hustle 6 profit (Internet):£10

I am back, and I am a bit of a mess lately, with all this insane inflation and some major expenses. I am getting ready for the second part of the wedding, this time in Romania, and I will use some on my saving from the Romanian account towards the expenses (around £3000). I have also a honeymoon trip scheduled right after the main event. Looking back to the latest 2-3 years, before Covid, I have not much savings as before, but the monthly inflows are twice as much as before Covid (2019). I am now focused on main job and my second crypto-job, paid in cryptocurrency, but those pesky crypto are on all-time low at the moment, after they lost roughly 80% of their 2021 value. I do not worry about that, as they will go back eventually, in few years. I am still good, with a $59K portfolio out of my initial 8.4K investment. Other than that, I am looking at some investment idea or even a side hustle, but the economical situation makes almost everything quite risk. Another solution will be just to accumulate cash and do not give a damn on inflation, but this one hurts. The plan B is to get enough cash to buy a property paying it in full, with no mortgage, but this may take few years to achieve (7 years on my estimate). 

Glad to write once more in here, hope you all are alright in this unsafe times. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2022

February - End of the month report FIRE

 Total portfolio: £190317 (-64386)

Debt: ZERO
External funds: ZERO
Car: No
Net Worth: £190317 (-64386)

Investments UK: £163294 (-65700)
Investments overseas : £3934 (same)
Cash: £1850 (+1150)
Pension: £20616 (+60)

Total Income: £1604(main job)+429 (second job) + 5508= 11107
Passive income: £5510 (73%)
Savings rate: 80%

Side hustle 2 profit (Royalties): £ 0.55
Side hustle 3 profit (Match betting): £ 0
Side hustle 4 value (Crypto): £5508(Total funds still invested in crypto:8430)
Side hustle 5 profit (Focus groups): £0
Side hustle 6 profit (Internet):£1

Fist of all, I was slacking a bit, but not too much, so I decided to update my monthly report once more. Even if I missed January, the things looks good, there is one scary minus 64K from the total portfolio, but it is all related to the crypto portfolio, who was decreasing massivelly lately. Anyway, given the fact that I have only £8430 to recover from my initial investment. Other than that, was a normal month, with some extra pay from Christmas, and not so many expenses, as I still recover after the September wedding (the UK one, as I still get ready for round 2 in Romania). I am thinking about some nice holiday this year, as a honey moon of some sorts, and basically I cannot decide as I can go anywhere, at least in theory (except Greenland, I cannot afford Greenland yet, as a trip there will easilly go over twelve thousand pounds). And I discovered Travala, so I hope I can use cryptocurrencies to book it, to save some cash from the bank. I am trying to get some profits from there into the bank, but I need to be careful to not go over my free allowange for capital tax (according to HM Revenues ''the tax-free allowance for capital gains tax is £12,300''). And I am moving slowly online, as most of my writing and blockchain gaming is feeling like a second job sometimes, just three times better in terms of profits. If you are curious, check my latest report in here

Thursday, 2 December 2021

The journey is always more important than the goal - December 2nd

As I said, this month I will be a bit more active, and I will publish a post per day, for the whole month. If Possible. Let's go!

 Last summer I had a 'little accident' jumping rope, as I could hear something happenning to my knee. It is healing slowly, and I estimate it is still matter of months until I will be fully recovered. Few day ago I had some mild pain on my thight, and now, after few days, I can feel it getting worst everytime I need to walk. I still need to go to work one more day before my annual leave week, so I need to embrace the pain and go to one more 12 hours shift. Now, this is just a muscle problem, and while I am in pain, I hope it will recover faster than the knee cartilage.


Alternative future: they say the physical problems start first in your mind. I sneak in and open the 'magic book' - The mental causes of physical illnesses. I look for knee and thight. Ready for some fun?

quote: ''The knee is the link between the soul and the personality. A knee problem is related to stubborness, pride and lack of flexibility. Indicates that you are leaving your life mission path behind.''

Ok. I need to process this mumbo jumbo. What I need to accept is that I need to forgive, to understand and to be full of compassion. Is this the issue, are they on something? Ok, this being said, I need to check my thights.

quote: ''Fear to take important decisions in order to go forward.'' Oh, this was way to close to home. Yes, I have some important decisions to take, and yes, I am a bit afraid to take my leap of fate. So, what do I need to do in order to change my destiny?

Cue: Terminator quote...

"no fate quote.jpg"

The idea to work with is: I am in perfect balance, I advance through life full of trust and happiness, at any age. This it is raising some interesting questions. And I afraid of getting old, and more than that, am I afraid of dying? Right now, after I crossed the whole ocean of life during tremendous storms, and I can almost see the promised land.

Yes, you may have guest, I am talking in metaphors and parables, but the struggle is real. I am almost there, close to the end of my journey, almost reaching my final target, and I am realising that I have no plans after that. Is this the end, my only friend? Where I can find some even bigger challenge?

Actually, the thing is that as long as I perceive this as a lifelong challenge, I was thinking that I am happy to get close to my goal every day. I could learn, I could grow, I could improve myself. I do not know, I should be happy, as I reach peaks that I never imagined that I could achieve. Partially due to my perseverence, partially to 'luck'. Still, I am there, on the top of the biggest mountain and I am asking myself, that's all?

Every success book is teaching you how to get there, how to achieve perfection, but none is telling you what to do after that. Maybe I need to check some of my old books. Carlos Castaneda. Nissargadata Maharaj. Maybe I will remember how everything it was long time ago, and the end will become a new beginning. Maybe. Until then, I am taking back my human appearance. I become one with the crowd. But all that I can think is:

What if?

"loki glory.jpg"

Have fun and keep the final goal in mind! George

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Wednesday, 1 December 2021

December - End of the month report - FIRE

Total portfolio: £254703 (+93839)

Debt: ZERO
External funds: ZERO
Car: No
Net Worth: £254703 (+93839)

Investments UK: £229011 135083 (+93928)
Investments overseas : £3934 (same)
Cash: £700 (-1368)
Pension: £20554 19274 (+1280)

Total Income: £1492 (main job)+0 (second job) + 9615= 11107
Passive income: £9615 (86%)
Savings rate: 88%

Side hustle 2 profit (Royalties): £ 0.25
Side hustle 3 profit (Match betting): £ 0
Side hustle 4 value (Crypto): £9600 (Total funds still invested in crypto:8858)
Side hustle 5 profit (Focus groups): £0
Side hustle 6 profit (Internet):£1

I was not so active in here, as most of my work at the moment is in the virtual space, related in a way of other to the cryptocurrency. I write and publish being paid in crypto, I have my main savings account in crypto and I am a co-founder or supporter of various crypto-projects. I am also maintaining few crypto-masternodes, being paid in crypto too for the work. I took this decision to go completely into this strange world, as there are quite few solid projects that are perfectly safe, offering an interest or reward in the range of 3-12% per year. I mean, I am looking at my bank offering me 0.10% as they are thinking they are making me a favour. Other than that, I am well paid for my work, even if I am a bit overwhelmed, being  currently involved in 36 projects, the equivalent of a 2 full time jobs timewise. But, I am pushing a bit, in order to be completely independent financially in few years. I am not far, and at the current level of monthly income, I will be there soon. I did not made any effort with the books, yet they still sell, now and again. No focus groups, as I am still doing my full time real job. Well, the world is changing, and it is certainly very interesting to live in it right now. At some moment I am thinking to get money to buy a property with cash, but the taxes will be up to 20% of the amount, if I am not mistaken, as soon as I am sending the money from crypto into the bank (this being categorized as a taxable event - capital gains). If you are exploring the idea of working for crypto, I will give you some hints, as you can read my fully detailed report for crypto in here

Wednesday, 4 August 2021

July 2021 - End of the month report FIRE

 Total portfolio: £160864 (+12890)

Debt: ZERO
External funds: ZERO
Car: No
Net Worth: £160864 (+12890)

Investments UK: £135083 (+9035)
Investments overseas : £3934 (same)
Cash: £2068 1103 (+965)
Pension: £19274 (+703)

Total Income: £1481(main job)+0 (second job) + 16905= 18386
Passive income: £16905 (91.94%)
Savings rate: 90%

Side hustle 2 profit (Royalties): £ 0.30
Side hustle 3 profit (Match betting): £ 0
Side hustle 4 value (Crypto): £16900 (Funds spent in crypto:8858)
Side hustle 5 profit (Focus groups): £0
Side hustle 6 profit (Internet):£5

This was a good month, mostly because of my newlyfound success on blockchain gaming. As most of the profit was made from capital gains, some of my gaming assets (NFT) increasing as much as 14 times. There are mainly 2 games that bring me more than 1000$ per month (yes, dollars, because that's what they pay). One of them is called Axie Infinity, and you need to buy a team of three Axies (game characters) in order to start, and they cost around 300$ each. Minimum effort will get you 700-800$, with 20 minutes of daily play. The second one, the one that gain something like 12.000$ in assets from 2.500$ in just one month, it is called Splinterlands, and the initial investment is 10$, in order to buy a Spell Book to gain access to the paid version (anti-spam measure). Both games are paying you in cryptocurrency tokens (called SLP for Axie, and DEC for Splinterlands), and all I have to do is to change them at the end of the month into GBP, using Binance Exchange, and send them to bank account. Still, if you do that you may want only to use only your £12000 allowance, as you need to pay capital tax if you send more than that to your bank account. The problem with crypto is that it is starting to feel like a second full time job, and I am getting tired lately. I may need to slow down a bit. 

As for main job, I just did my hours, and no extra shifts, as I am able not to get the equivalent of my pay day with just 60-80 minutes of playing games. Of course, I have another 36 projects I take care, related to crypto, hence the full time job feeling. 

I was trying to get rid of the extra pound that i gained in the past 18 months, and I am going twice per week at gym or pool. Getting ready for a wedding and an IVF session kind of adds to the general stress, in terms of money, time and patience. But I will finally say I do! in September, if everything goes well. Until now we spent almost ten thousand pounds on wedding preparations and some 1200 on IVF. 

I did not have much time for any other activity, except 4-6 weekly blog post on crypto themed platforms, being paid for that. I completely stopped the matched betting, and I did not write much lately. 

That's all for July, see you in another month. Feel free to ask if you have any questions. 


Saturday, 5 June 2021

June 2021 - monthly report

Total portfolio: £147974(-110219)

Debt: ZERO
External funds: ZERO
Car: No
Net Worth: £147974(-110219)

Investments UK: £126048(-117019)
Investments overseas : £3934 (same)
Cash: £1103 (-302)
Pension: £18571 (+301)

Total Income: £1566(main job)+0 (second job) + 7836= 9402
Passive income: £7836 (83.34%)
Savings rate: 83%

Side hustle 2 profit (Royalties): £ 0
Side hustle 3 profit (Match betting): £ 0
Side hustle 4 value (Crypto): £7622 (Funds spent in crypto:9656)
Side hustle 5 profit (Focus groups): £0
Side hustle 6 profit (Internet):£208.66

Interesting month, as you can see, cryptocurrency portfolio is swinging wildly up and down, with 40% down at the beginning of June. Right now 3 days later recovered 20% already, but you never know what to expect. I consider the crypto there as Principal, and I do not mind the volatility, just the monthly income provided. 

The shares are minimal now, but they seems to stay on the same level, and Ratesetter closing made me to look on some other alternatives. I am currently testing Freetrade up, where you can buy fraction of almost any share with minimal fee. It is good for fun, to make a single picking portfolio, but I do not think is as cheap as other alternatives. I will try it to see how it is working. I see some fee free ways to buy. 

Other than that, everything is going according to the plan. 

Monday, 10 May 2021

May 2021 - monthly report

  Motto: Audaces fortuna iuvat. 

Total portfolio: £258193 (+113059)

Debt: ZERO
External funds: ZERO
Car: No
Net Worth: £258193 (+113059)

Investments UK: £234080 (+112503)
Investments overseas : £3934 (same)
Cash: £1405
Pension: £18270 (+657)

Total Income: £1483(main job)+0 (second job) + 22526= 24009
Passive income: £22526 (93.82%)
Savings rate: 93%

Side hustle 2 profit (Royalties): £ 0.23
Side hustle 3 profit (Match betting): £ 0
Side hustle 4 value (Crypto): £21926 (Funds spent in crypto:9863)
Side hustle 5 profit (Focus groups): £0
Side hustle 6 profit (Internet):£56.66

Where should I start? I completely stopped doing the match betting, as I have no pleasure in doing it anymore, and the betting companies make it harder and harder to get a profit. I did not write or worked on a book for months, probably from May last year when i finished the one about Microbiome. I did not have any time for Focus Groups also, due to my full time job and various COVID19 related challenges. But, and there is a big BUT, I kind of slowly migrated to another full time job related to crypto, and If you enjoy this or try to learn about, this is the link for my April activity (If you are not well versed in cryptocurrencies, this may be difficult to understand, but basically is like in the real life, there are blogs where I write for crypto, games that I play for crypto, and saving accounts where I keep crypto for a weekly or monthly interest). You have all the links in there also, some may be referral, but i do not mind if you do not use them. Feel free to ask anything you need to find out in here, I will help if I know. 

So, back to crypto, this is by far the best month I ever had, mainly because of three big rewards that arrived simultaneously. So, I made almost 22.000 in April, but getting it into the bank account is a bit tricky, as there is only a 10.000 limit yearly, after that Capital Tax need to be paid (I think is 10% but at the moment I will just keep my crypto in Savings account and enjoy the interest, getting only as much money as I need out to the bank account).