Wednesday, 12 August 2015

The perfect formula for very early retirement - the four pillars of the financial independence

I remember a story about the four pillars that are holding the temple roof. Thinking about that, I can easily create analogies to my financial independence/early retirement project.

And the four pillars of financial independence are:
1. The most important is Health. We need to take care of us physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. If we are not in perfect health, in a peak state, everything else doesn't matter so much, right?
2. Investing regularly is second as importance, every week, every month, without a break until we reach our goal.
3. Dividend and interest reinvestment will make us to achieve results faster, based of the compounding rule.
4. Dividend growth is equally important, giving us an uncanny advantage on the road to financial freedom.

And as a bonus,inspired by Maximum Mustache March challenge, i was just thinking at one extreme technique of saving and reducing expenses. I recently meet some spiritual tradition exponents that are usually having a period of lent, not eating anything for a whole day, also known as fasting. After i talked with them i started reading about the benefits of fasting (not eating anything for 12 or 24 hours). See about this here and here and here.
Doing this for one day a week will result in 52 days over one year, almost two months of no expenses for food. Add the health benefits, longevity, faster metabolism speed, fat gain dramatically decreased and so much more. I am almost convinced to do this.

Have a good night!

Mr G.

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