Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Just complaining a bit... (US vs UK)

I never complain too much usually, but reading most of the US financial independence blogs, seems that in the States this FIRE stuff is a much bigger thing than in UK. I was looking around without any real success to find some equivalents for, or, just to say about 3 of them. What i am looking for is a solid, reliable and safe UK program or website to track all my profits/interests/dividends/expenses and investments over time, being it automatic or with a manual input. I found some of them, most in beta test, but they are covering only partially what i want to check. Until then i will use my old school Excel tabs, but i just got this brilliant idea that i probably know what i need, and i can ever help and support a project/app if someone want to start a collaboration. Anyone? (This could be a game changer in the UK FIRE planning, i feel it.)

Added 19.8.2015: At some friend suggestion, I will use, even if he do not want to recognize one of my cards. What the heck, i wanted to stop using that dodgy card, anyway. I will update you after some time.

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