Monday, 4 April 2016

The savings rate paradox and the 1000 upper limit of my expenses

I see some interesting facts (at least for me). The more I enjoy my life, and  I talk here about my last four holidays from February to April, the less I save. I know, you will say it is obvious, but for me, seeing it on the paper, made me wonder where is that thin line between saving and enjoying life.

These are the numbers:

Month:    January   February March
Income:   1635        1358       1212
Savings:    592          322         174
Saving rate: 36%      24%        14%

I can see that my expenses are about 1000 and I can save all that is on top of that. Not bad, thinking that I can afford anything I like at the moment. I am thinking about a strategy to show the budget for couple, not individual, but I got used to calculate it this way. Any hints?

See you soon!

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