Saturday, 30 April 2016

April 2016 - Monthly report

My Overview

Total portfolio: £8188 (+230)
Debt:0 (-520)
Net Worth: £8188 (+750)

Investments UK: £2478 (+233)
Investments overseas : £1813 (+11)
Cash: £86 (-177)
Pension: £3811 (+163)

Total Income: £1738 (+526)
Passive income: 183 (10.53%)
Savings rate: 39.95%

Great news, this month my total value of my portfolio is the same as my net worth. You get it right, i have no debt. I am such a wuss. This was one of my hardest month, with a lot of expenses, and extra expenses, and i was planning to increase my savings rate at least with 1% more than last month, meaning 15%. The result, an unbelievable 40% (39.95 to be honest, but i was so close). I am so proud of me. May seems to be an interesting month, with me increasing my overseas investments a bit and probably getting ready to start a new business. And I want to finish some of my unfinished books. A lot of work, if i do not count my holiday for the first 15 days of the month.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Financial independence plan

Someone asked me yesterday what is the most important advice from my financial plan. I was a bit boring, but i said that the most inportant part when you start this in your twenties is to sleep well, at least 7-9 hours consistently, to eat good quality food, preferably water rich food ( 3/4 ) and in the same time more alcalyne food than acid ( 3/4 ) and exercise regularly ( best antidepressant is the combination of running + meditation ). This is the fundation of your physical peak state, because if you don't have your health, all the money in the world are useless.

What do you think about this?

Saturday, 23 April 2016

T Harv Eker strategy - Millionaire mind intensive

For almost 6 months I was applying what I learn in the Millionaire Mind Intensive seminar. I will give you the basic methods and statistics in 10 days, after 180 days of continuous training. I hope you will be inspired to act with more effectiveness after this.

See you soon,

Friday, 15 April 2016

Debts sneaky stack and the Jedi defence move

   As i was just checked my net worth, i decided that it is time to reduce my debts to zero. I am starting to plan and to follow a strategy in order to doing that. I had a lot of reasons, or to say it better, some good stories attached to this line of thoughts "no, i don't need to pay them now, as i can do better things with the money", but in the end all my debts start to feel like a weight that is keeping me down, so this will be probably and entirely an emotional move, but I am sure I will receive a boost in motivation if I follow this though. So, words said, i am destroying all the nice, cosy stories that I attached to my debt, and i will pay them all, as soon as possible. I will start to invest again only when my debts are paid.

Debts at 15/4/2016 = 725

Follow-up post in 45 days.

Added: 4 days later I just paid them all from one account and made one big debt of 540 instead of 5 debt. Now that i have them all in one place should be easier to follow. And pay. The adventure continues. 

Monday, 4 April 2016

The savings rate paradox and the 1000 upper limit of my expenses

I see some interesting facts (at least for me). The more I enjoy my life, and  I talk here about my last four holidays from February to April, the less I save. I know, you will say it is obvious, but for me, seeing it on the paper, made me wonder where is that thin line between saving and enjoying life.

These are the numbers:

Month:    January   February March
Income:   1635        1358       1212
Savings:    592          322         174
Saving rate: 36%      24%        14%

I can see that my expenses are about 1000 and I can save all that is on top of that. Not bad, thinking that I can afford anything I like at the moment. I am thinking about a strategy to show the budget for couple, not individual, but I got used to calculate it this way. Any hints?

See you soon!

Sunday, 3 April 2016

March 2016 - Monthly report

My Overview

Total portfolio: £7958 (-99)
Debt:- £520 (-38)
Net Worth: £7438 (-51)

Investments UK: £2245 (+114)
Investments overseas : £1802 (+63)
Cash: £263 (-572)
Pension: £3648 (+296)

Total Income: £1212 (-146)
Passive income: £23(1.90%)

For the first time in 16 months i got a decrease in net worth, mainly because of the depletion of my cash reserves (one 4 day training and 3 weeks of holiday coming this month, so plane ticked, accommodation, training, all of these were expensive but totally worth it, my next holiday after this one is somewhere in August-September, so i have enough time to recover). Pension pot increased a bit as the market is slowly recovering. Debt are decreasing slowly. I am seriously thinking to repay all my debt, but as i am paying no interest until August, i am still thinking about. Not much remaining for investments, but at least i did some. Not a bad month. I expect a lot from the next two months, as i will receive few checks for my extra work. We will see what the future brings.

Have a good and wealthy month!


Friday, 1 April 2016

Second trimester planning

And here i am, doing the same thing again and again. In April-May I have 2 holidays, a shorter one, that is a 4 days training with Tony Robbins(count as education), and a 3 weeks one, when i am going back home, at my parents (theoretically, because in practice i will be travelling around the country for at least 10 days).

My Net Worth increase will be minimal, as i need to pay for accommodation, transport, flight and other silly things. Anyway i will have some checks coming at the end of the month (April), that I hope it will restore my financial balance somehow. We will see. I will do the monthly report soon, to see the impact of me overspending again. I achieved some of my goals, as i just got my Level 5 Psychology diploma and i started to learn a new martial art (running become a bit boring as exercise, or maybe i can blame the shoes, i need some new running shoes too).

See you soon,