Tuesday, 3 November 2015

October 2015 end of month report

My Overview

Total portfolio: £ 6,317 (+621)
Debt:- £ 690 (+50)
Net Worth: £ 5627 (+671)

Investments UK: £1324 (-446)
Investments overseas : £1310 (+90)
Cash: £955 (+791)
Pension: £2818 (+276)

Total Income: £1726
Passive income:£29 (1.68%)

Debt: I managed to put all my debt on a Zero interest card until 1st of April. Now i have 2 options, to pay it quickly just to finish my year without any debt, or just to pay it right before the interest start. I am paying small amounts every month, I didn't decided what to do. But in terms of personal motivation, will be something big to finish the year with no debt, so probably i will do this.
This month was not bad, with £671 added to my net worth. Investments in UK, I got some savings reaching maturity, and i start to build some cash emergency fund. Overseas, surprisingly pound vs RON quote went down so my savings there gain some value, As for pension, is going up automatically. I started to calculate the percent of passive income from my monthly amount. Not a big number, i must to admit. But here I am, starting my 11th month on my way to financial independence. A difficult month, with some big expenses. All I want is to finish it with a positive balance. Cannot wait for my end of the 1st year report.

As you can see i am on my way to use a different report now. I am also thinking to use a 6 sub-accounts system for my income, that will probably look like this:
1. FIRE  -at least 10%
2. Long term saving 10%
3. Education 10%
4. Necessities - no more than 55%
5. Me!Me!Me! -10% to be used by ME  by the end of every month
6. Charity -5%

I will test it for November to see how is it going.

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