Monday, 30 November 2015

November - end of the month report

My Overview

Total portfolio: £ 6,550 (+233)
Debt:- £ 670 (-20)
Net Worth: £ 5880 (+253)

Investments UK: £1879 (+555)
Investments overseas : £1664 (+324)
Cash: £40 (-915)
Pension: £2909 (+91)

Total Income: £1494
Passive income: £5 (0.33%)

Was a good month, where i spend a lot and i saved a lot, i maximized my Romanian First Buy ISA, just because for every 1000 euro/yearly, the government is adding 250 euro. I moved most of the cash on Bitcoin, in a bid to gain something extra for Christmas, and i plan to put at least 500 pounds on property crowdfunding until the end of the year. We will see how it will go, until now is 4% up in 2 days. I plan to take my investment back on the next surge and then play with the profit left there.

Wish you a perfect December!

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