Saturday, 8 August 2015

Companies that i start using on my early retirement plan

As i was asked with which companies i work on my plan, i will talk about them here.
As person to person lender i use Is very simple and intuitive to use it and what i like more is that you can make the process completely automatic. Set the direct debit, set what percentage under or over the interest level you want to lend the money and that's it. I tried to use as they can add even the interest in this miraculous process of compounding. The only problem, or advantage, depending how you see it, is that you need to wait 30 days to move some money in your bank account.
As for online share dealing platform i use from AJ Bell. I tried too but seems to be too tricky for me. On i can sort of automatize the process. Direct debit and automatically buy of shares every 10th of the month at £1.50 per transaction. But the inconvenient is that  i need to buy the mutual funds and trackers manually at £4.50 per transaction.
As for property crowdfunding i use I also tried but first one is more straightforward and is offering better rates than second one. Even if the minimum amount is £500 instead of £50 for propertypartner website.
As cash bank account i use TSB, because of the 5% interest for the first £2000.  They also have a saving account with 5% interest for 12 months.

This is what i use for the moment. I will update my plan again probably in December or January if is the case.

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