Monday, 8 August 2016

Emotions, emotions

The hardest part was to detach myself from the obsessive thought that i gonna make it. And to stop thinking again and again at that moment when i will actually retire. As i decided that i will still work for a while, even after i will have all my retirement fund ready, my mind gradually calmed down, and i regained my daily focus. It was coming as a big surprise that this will happen, with a minimal effort from my part, based mostly on luck, but the idea hit me seriously, borderline to my mental health and focus. After the surprise faded away (thanks to hedonic adaptation), i realized than all that i need is to keep my routine for a while and to implement the changes gradually. Still, i cannot wait for the moment when this will happen, and to decide when to do it in your own terms seems to help a lot. I will come back with another posts when all this will clear up. Until then, i will start to do my things in the same way as before.

One more word of encouragement: If i can do it, you can do it too.

See you soon.


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