Saturday, 13 January 2018

Cryptocurrency corner - January II

I found an easier way to dip my fingers into the cryptocurrency universe.

I search for Pre-sale IPO which offer free coins in exchange of advertising the new coin, usually. Read their whitepaper and see which of them got potential.

If one or more of them will grow up, there it is, free money

First one is POW, which give me 33.000 coins for free, worth 5.80$ at the moment, in exchange of you making one account and promotion on Facebook or Twitter (or both).

Second one is WCX, which will give you 50 coins for account and email verified.

Third one DLBX is a bit complicated, as it is asking for 10 referrals, in exchange of tokens for a value of 500$. You will probably need to do an account on etherwallet to get the money.

Fourth is Coinstarter, which will give you 5-10 coins when you register and few more for networking. You will also needs an etherwallet  account, which you already made before for DLBX.

The fifth one is Sphere, with a nice website and a very good marketing campaign. This coin show potential in my opinion. Give you 50 coins to start with. Also needs etherwallet.

And this last one is an Actioncoin, to give you discount for different actions such as drafting, fishing, car racing etc. Seems interesting and will give you 1000 coins on sign-up.

I hope that you will make some profit out of this.

Disclaimer: Some of the links are referral links.

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