Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Free books anyone?

Today i will talk about one of my free book money hack, which allows me to have the books that i like with a minimal effort.

Before of after achieving financial independence, all of us are defined by our desire to learn, and books are a key part of this process.

To stop talking to much, i use Amazon's Mechanical Turk website, i select tasks from the best paid to the less paid, and i do few easy tasks every time, out of the best paying ones. In time, you will have a nice amount of money amassed on your amazon account, which i use to buy the books i like. If you dedicate 10 minutes daily, you can easily make up to 1000 per year. Meaning 100 books. If you read them also, given the fact that they are the books you enjoy, think about the compounding effect in personal knowledge.

Good luck.


  1. hey! That's a really good idea! How does the registration work? Do I need an invitation?

  2. Stupid hook line. If I worked in a supermarket I could earn more, if I were a ex-PM I could get 1000 free books with an evening speech.

  3. @Robert: Like any amazon account. You just register and start. There are some easier tasks, such as writing an audio file. No invitation needed last time I checked.

    @vicarage: maybe is not for you. But some people find it useful. I have a friend who is stuck in front of the computer at his job. He is making 70-100$ in a night shift sometimes.