Saturday, 27 January 2018

Who is advising the advisors?

Some advices are quite good, some of them not so much.

Behold, the Moneywise’s experts telling about the best and the worst advice they ever heard.

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Thursday, 25 January 2018

Fasting - long term and intermittent as a factor in longevity

I was writing before about eating in a 6-10 hours interval and fast for the remaining 14-18 hours as a longevity hack. I was also talking about a monthly 24-72 hours fasting monthly with only water as a boost to health and a major "decrease in the inflammatory processes" hack.

In the following article you will also see an interesting detail, the author referring at health span as opposed to life span. As you guessed, the health span is the interval of life when we are healthy, and that is reminding me of James Dean's words "Ideally is to die young, but as late as possible."

Read full article about food and longevity here. Dr.Jason Fung everyone! Enjoy!

Wednesday, 24 January 2018

Free books anyone?

Today i will talk about one of my free book money hack, which allows me to have the books that i like with a minimal effort.

Before of after achieving financial independence, all of us are defined by our desire to learn, and books are a key part of this process.

To stop talking to much, i use Amazon's Mechanical Turk website, i select tasks from the best paid to the less paid, and i do few easy tasks every time, out of the best paying ones. In time, you will have a nice amount of money amassed on your amazon account, which i use to buy the books i like. If you dedicate 10 minutes daily, you can easily make up to 1000 per year. Meaning 100 books. If you read them also, given the fact that they are the books you enjoy, think about the compounding effect in personal knowledge.

Good luck.

Saturday, 20 January 2018

Faucets (III) as a side hustle

Faucets that work with a microwallet like .

There are two new faucets that work with this microwallet, and the procedure is the same like in the previous cases.

One is for Bitcoin Cash, the second is for Dash. Both of them are alt-coins with a good change to increase significantly in the future. If you are doing this only for Bitcoin, just claim twice a day, morning and evening. It is also increasing with 1% per day loyalty bonus, so after 100 days you will get double the amount.

The complete list is:

1.Moon Bitcoin Cash
2.Moon Dash
3.Moon Bitcoin
4.Moon Litecoin
5.Moon Dogecoin

Access them twice a day, morning and evening. At the end of every week or month exchange everything to one coin (i would suggest Litecoin) and transfer it to your main wallet (I personally use Coinbase). I estimate that you can make a couple of hundreds in Bitcoin yearly. If you have 500 in January 2016, the value in December 2016 would become 15.000. All that it takes is 3 minutes twice a day.

You can see my results in the next picture, starting time being October 2016.

My previous post about it was this one. 
Some of the links contain referrals. 

Saturday, 13 January 2018

Cryptocurrency corner - January II

I found an easier way to dip my fingers into the cryptocurrency universe.

I search for Pre-sale IPO which offer free coins in exchange of advertising the new coin, usually. Read their whitepaper and see which of them got potential.

If one or more of them will grow up, there it is, free money

First one is POW, which give me 33.000 coins for free, worth 5.80$ at the moment, in exchange of you making one account and promotion on Facebook or Twitter (or both).

Second one is WCX, which will give you 50 coins for account and email verified.

Third one DLBX is a bit complicated, as it is asking for 10 referrals, in exchange of tokens for a value of 500$. You will probably need to do an account on etherwallet to get the money.

Fourth is Coinstarter, which will give you 5-10 coins when you register and few more for networking. You will also needs an etherwallet  account, which you already made before for DLBX.

The fifth one is Sphere, with a nice website and a very good marketing campaign. This coin show potential in my opinion. Give you 50 coins to start with. Also needs etherwallet.

And this last one is an Actioncoin, to give you discount for different actions such as drafting, fishing, car racing etc. Seems interesting and will give you 1000 coins on sign-up.

I hope that you will make some profit out of this.

Disclaimer: Some of the links are referral links.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

Cryptocurrency corner - January

I was keeping an eye of few altcoins and i will try to build a portfolio, free when possible, or buying when it is a dip. Today price was:

Verge          0.12
Iota             3.12
Cardano     0.80
Neo          78.06
NEM          1.32
Ripple        2.28

My January altcoin portfolio contains:
Iota, Ripple, Dogecoin.

Next step: 1st of February.

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

2017 - yearly report

While in the year 2016 the total income was 35073 with 19202 passive income (54.7%), coming from 8 different sources of income (one being plain old work in a full time job and few part time ones - 15871), in 2017 my total income was 33531 with 17440 passive income (52%) from the same old 8 sources of income (full time job, agency job, crypto-mining, matched betting, interest, royalties, internet and crowdfunding real estate)

I sold the car and in manage to reduce my monthly spending with £100 because of that. I went in three holidays (Italy circuit from north to south, Romania twice - once to take mum and grandma in a week holiday, once with my partner at the seaside). We moved together in September and i played the house designer, being pleased with the results. 

I continued to train and try to eat healthy, and sometimes i was more succesful then other times, but i want to improve this area. I plan to work to improve my stretching, core and grip in 2018.

I paid a 3000 loan in 6 months and i took another 6000 one to invest in one side hustle.

So, it was a fruitful and beneficial year for me, i just with that 2018 will be at least that good, if not even better for me and you.

Take care and keep saving, because in terms of business, it is totally worth it to invest 5 years of your life working hard if the result is close to 20-22 years worry free before your retirement s ( return on investment higher that 400%, you cannot get that nowhere in real life financial investment, and we talk about time, a resource much valuable than money.)


Tuesday, 2 January 2018

December 2017 - Monthly report

My Overview

Total portfolio: £34375(+2047)

Debt: £5340(-965)

External funds: ZERO

Car: No

Net Worth: £29035(+1012)

Investments UK: £18722(+529)

Investments overseas : £3954( -206 because of the pound devaluation)

Cash: £2500 (-626)

Pension: £8604 (+371)

Total Income: £3359 (+1147)

Passive income: £2123(63.78%)

Savings rate: 22.07%

Side hustle 2 value: £3.35

Side hustle 3 value: £471 (Profit October = 446)

Side hustle 4 value: £1652 (Funds:3944)

The portfolio increased slightly (2047), but the net wealth not so much (1012), mainly because i started to pay the loan (965 this month). The cash reserve continue to decrease, as we are still working on the rental house, but the painting and the new carpet is done, and not much left. Still, i estimate to finish until the end of January, as i am going on a short 4 days holiday in Belgium to start the year with a relaxing mood. Tomorrow i will post the year financial report. Once the house is rented, we can consolidate the cash deposits again, and i am thinking to finish the mortgage (9K left). After that we will probably start to save for a new deposit, as i am thinking to buy a flat for rental purpose. The matched betting was decent this month, even if i did not made a lot of effort on that direction. I cashed in 1652 from cryptocurrency, and i am working this year toward a dual purpose portfolio - one part will focus on creating a mining income, the second on buying promising alt-coins (I keep an eye on Iota, Verge, NEO and Ripple). As soon as the portfolio is build (aiming for £30-35 daily, at the moment i got approx. £6), i will start to redirect the income provided towards dividend paying shares, p2p lending and crowdfunding real estate. We will see what the future will bring!

A happy new year! And a happy saving!