Thursday, 11 August 2016

Rich or free?

Let's talk about definitions. Some people are financially free, some people are rich. In the others perception, i mean, and the difference is often very subtle. Financially free people are still like us, not splashing and maintaining a rich person image, even when they are ceasing to be. This can cause depression and every other rich people problems. You can be free and earning only 2k per month, you can be rich and not financially independent. So, to explain it better, a rich person is maybe known as being part of the 1%, even if, statistically speaking, as long as you earn more than £35k per month, you really are part of the 1%, but let's go with this. A financially free person is a person which covered all the life normal expenses (living, bills, transport, food, entertainment) with more than 90% passive income, as opposed to active income (wages).

Now i will ask, do you want to be rich or financially independent? Don't forget, everything start with a plan.

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