Wednesday, 1 June 2016

May 2016 - Monthly report

May 2016 - Monthly report
My Overview

Total portfolio: £8755 ( +567)
Debt:1155 (+1155)
Net Worth: £7600 (-588)

Investments UK: £1923 (-555)
Investments overseas : £1803 (-10)
Cash: £1026 (+940)
Pension: £3899 (+88)

Total Income: £1079 (-659)
Passive income: 18 (1.66%)
Savings rate: Unknown

What a mess, i would say. But it is all an organized mess, as i am trying to start a small business, and i moved some assets in cash, and i start to prepare for first months expenses, hoping that very soon (1-2 months soon) i will start to get some income from it. Overall is not very bad, as my investments still got up, despite selling some of them and moving the money in the cash account. Pension still got up a bit, and cash vs debts is a close match. What it is most important right now is that i see 2, maybe 3 possible pathways to reach my financial independence faster, even if this will mean some extra work for the next  3-4 years. But i can see the Light, it is there at the end of the tunnel, and it is bright and comforting. I also published my second poetry book (and i am very pleased because of this). Passive income went a bit down this month, but will get up again in the next months. Is it all because of me relocating assets and adding a new whole dimension to my retirement plan. But I see exciting moves in my financial future this year. Even if it is still a long way until my yearly report.

Take care, enjoy life and be free!

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