Wednesday, 15 June 2016


Sometimes i see myself not acting at full speed, like i am some weakling, too tired to move, too stressed to think. I have my plan, i know what i need to do, but it is only a intellectual creation. I need to go further, in order to achieve success faster. I need unlimited energy, the kind of energy that is hidden behind massive motivation. And i realized, in order to have more energy, to be motivated, i need to bring emotion in my life, i need to remember how much i want, how much i need my freedom. And then i feel the familiar rush, the adrenaline kicking in, and that feeling that everything is possible.

As i was teached, Emotion = E+motion, emotion is energy in motion. It is the fuel that will bring you fastest to your goal, it is the little extra that is pushing you towards your purpose. Remember, when you are not giving it all, reconsider your point. Change your state of mind, change your brain and you will change your life.

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