Friday, 15 April 2016

Debts sneaky stack and the Jedi defence move

   As i was just checked my net worth, i decided that it is time to reduce my debts to zero. I am starting to plan and to follow a strategy in order to doing that. I had a lot of reasons, or to say it better, some good stories attached to this line of thoughts "no, i don't need to pay them now, as i can do better things with the money", but in the end all my debts start to feel like a weight that is keeping me down, so this will be probably and entirely an emotional move, but I am sure I will receive a boost in motivation if I follow this though. So, words said, i am destroying all the nice, cosy stories that I attached to my debt, and i will pay them all, as soon as possible. I will start to invest again only when my debts are paid.

Debts at 15/4/2016 = 725

Follow-up post in 45 days.

Added: 4 days later I just paid them all from one account and made one big debt of 540 instead of 5 debt. Now that i have them all in one place should be easier to follow. And pay. The adventure continues. 

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