Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Think big... And just do it!

One friend who is very good in practicing the art of abundance teached me this. Look for the highest note of the money you use in your country and always have 2 of this notes in your wallet. Whatever happen. If you spend them, put another 2 back. Usually you will be reluctant to spend on small items just because you will get a lot of change. But, if some opportunity appear magically in front of you, you will have a decent amount of money to seize it.

My idea on his idea. On your way to financial independence you need to think big. Do not invest £20 every day of the month. The fees will just eat your profit, or even if it is a free fee thing, the time lost will not justify it. Instead of this, put all the money in the box, for example, and at the end of the month add it to your cash account. Invest in big amounts. £1000, £5000, something that it is significant for you. Sometimes if you invest more than 1000 you get a good cashback. 5% or more. Sound much better than that 3% fee, right?  This could mean 100k more money for you in 10 years time.

And added bonus, it will make you feel good, efficient, serious about the bussiness. Emotionally and physically better, Dopamine and oxytocin will be released. We could talk about the quality of life that will increase too. Just by doing something aparently irrelevant. Try it and tell me how this worked for you. Because it worked for me. Good luck.

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