Thursday, 6 August 2015

I start planning...

So i start planning, and i got to this monthly expenses:
Rent 350
Bills 165
Food 120
Transport 0 ( i moved 2 miles from my new work place)
Total basic expenses £635
Clothes 25
Luxury 122
Total actual lifestyle £772

Rate of savings 45%
Savings at end of July '15 £5200

Time until retirement 12.5 years

My investing strategy will be something like:
1. £2000 cash on TSB account with 5% interest as a buffer
2. £10000 on online p2p lending with an average 6% interest
3. £ 195000 on a mix of mutual funds and tracker equity funds from UK, Europe, World equity and corporate and government UK bonds. Dividents percentage 3-7%
4. £75000 on real estate crowdfunding with average 8% interest

I am open to suggestions if i can improve in any area.

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