Saturday, 15 August 2015

Early retirement - 1 August statistics

Just few of my relevant financial statistics:

Money from interests and dividends this year (up to 1.08.2015) - 272 pounds
Month average (first 8th months of my early retirement project) - 34.08 pounds
Yearly ROI percentage prediction - 14.24% (It is very good, but mostly a combination of luck and hours of study.)
Retirement fund percentage achieved : 5.20% (still a small number but at least it is greater than zero, right?)
Security fund investment: 51.74%
Risk fund investment: 48.26% (is my idea about safe and risk approach, i will increase a bit the risky ones, i think)
Total investment: 5712.15 pounds
Total debt: 780 pounds
Net worth: 4932.15 pounds

I am open to answer to any common sense question about mine or yours retirement project.

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