Thursday, 30 July 2015

How i learn about shares?

I was talking today at work about shares with some of my colleagues. They wanted to know how i do what i do. One was not interested. "I did it once and i lost money" was his excuse. He is investing in a motorcycle collection. I ask him what are his other additional 8 income sources (Disclosure: I believe that everyone of us need to have at least 10 income sources, if not more, in order to be fully covered against any natural disaster, economic crash or anything like this. So, motorcycles and monthly wages, he needed another 8. In my opinion only).The interested ones were even worst. The put an equal sign between FOREX, currency, shares, oil, gold and other crazy things, and are thinking at day-trading as trading shares. I told them the short version. How i studied the market for 18 months, reading and learning about everything from 1880 until nowadays. How i trained myself on virtual money and i mostly lost. How i was trading individual shares with a decent return (beginner luck!), how is start to buy mutual funds (income for my early retirement funds, accumulated for my pension funds).And how i became comfortable enough after just 6 months of trading, in the end i think i will buy mostly Vanguard or Blackrock 100 UK equity tracker funds (80%) and few others (small cap and foreign ones for the remaining 20% ). In the end they understood, but even if they liked the idea of financial independence, they were thinking that 5% of their money saved for this goal is too much.

What can i do? Nothing. At least i feel like i did my duty as i will finish my job in that place tomorrow. From Monday i start another job, one that will get me even closer to my early retirement. Hopefully.

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