Thursday, 18 February 2016

Why millennials to not have a chance to be happy, when they will get old?

It started with this article and mainly this phrase:

"Today’s 25-year-old need to save the equivalent of £800 a month over the next 40 years to retire at 65 with an income of £30,000 a year, according to Rebecca Taylor, director at the Chartered Institute for Securities and Investments."

And then the hell break loose, as you can see it on this link.

What i can say? I do not know if first i will be sad or i will wonder if the total lack of financial education is an intentional purpose. Something like this should be learned in school, in the same time with native language an maths. This is my opinion!


  1. I have to agree with such sentiment. I certainly don't recall any financial education at all during my school days! Ideally, this should be done during the final year of the compulsory education! Doing it earlier just means they may forget all about by then.

  2. Yes, i bet that everyone will like a class like this in the last two years of college, especially if is named cleverly with a title along the lines "How to be financially free and never need to work again by 30!"