Sunday, 13 September 2015

Pros and cons - financial education in schools?

Yesterday i was reading on some regional newspaper, i do not say which, big one. And i was like what?, i could not believe it. Some reporter made an article about how people lose money monthly with workplace pensions because of automatic enrollment. And like a lot of people shared this on Facebook and we're upset because of this. "I lose 50-60 pounds monthly because of that" was one of their opinions. So really, i could not believe how many of them are not properly informed about. My next thought was that probably financial education is a good idea for college or university, even as some extra curriculum activity or club, if not mandatory.
Just imagine, even if seems a bit of science fiction, how cool will be to learn about early retirement when you are ready to start your first job, what will be the impact on your life and what the consequences ?

What do you think?

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