Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Property crowdfunding - Most precious resource - Dan Zinger

* Today i will talk about a lot of interesting stuff. I will start with a property crowdfunding company called, which invested massively in marketing lately. I would rate it 3/5 as the commission is not exactly stated, the monthly dividend is around 2-3%, the property valuation is updated monthly and seems to be alright, but the procedure used to send money back is a bit inconvenient as they will call you in the name of anti money laundering measures to check if you are real person and everything else. I would not use it as they are better companies on the market.

**  Did you ever heard about Dan Zanger? If not you should check on him and his portfolio, at least to learn how one will establish a world record ever, Dan took a portfolio of a measly $10,775 and turned it into an incredible $18 million in just 18 months. He shares his work because he loves his work, simple as that. How many people do you know that have done over 29,000% return in one year? None, and that is because Dan stands alone as the best of the best. Could be just luck? We will never know. A bit more data about him, he calls William O'Neills best seller, How to Make Money in Stocks, the “traders bible.” His website is something to study, even if it is a bit too flashy in my opinion. The link is  and his style is different than mine, but i was thinking that, even if i pick one thing and i improve my strategy with 1%, is still worth it.

*** And few words about resources. If Leonardo Da Vinci had enough ideas to cover four centuries of progress, but not the right resources to build his inventions, today the situation is completely different. We got almost any kind of resource needed to accomplish anything, but not enough ideas. And jumping from one idea to another, do you know what is the most precious resource on earth? No, it is not diamonds, platinum or gold. It is not Uranium either. It is TIME. And even if every one of us instinctively know that, we are still wasting our time carelessly sometimes. Because do not forget, as a FIRE trader, we are trading our hard saved money for time, in the end. And when we are gaining 15-25 years, retiring early, we are in the unique position of being rich beyond compare. Other would think themselves lucky for having a few extra months, and we got years. Just think about. I hope this would motivate you to save even more, and to get at that point of becoming financial independent even faster.

Good luck my friends! See you tomorrow!

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