Thursday, 10 September 2015

Big crash - Small crash

Prices goes down, everyone panic, what we can do? I will not talk about the ones keep printing dollars like there is no tomorrow, or the situation in China. I will just suggest one very wise point of view.
 “If you believe the stock market may not come back this time, then you have much more to worry about than your investment portfolio.” –Rick Ferri
That is so true. And we must endure. The portfolio value will go up and down. I doesn't matter for us. Because we are looking at the end of the road. Not at next month, or even at next year. We will endure. And we will prevail. (Knight rules, isn't it?).
Just one small note, According to Charles Schwab, over the past 50 years, the average length of a bear market has been a little over one year, and the average time for the market to recover and reach its previous highs has been less than four years.

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