Sunday, 6 May 2018

April 2018 - Monthly report

My Overview

Total portfolio: £32379 (+595)
Debt: £4529 (-249)
External funds: ZERO
Car: No
Net Worth: £27850 (+844)

Investments UK: £17632 (+195)
Investments overseas : £3606 ( -300)
Cash: £ 1060 (+260)
Pension: £9495(+511)

Total Income: £1821(-203)
Passive income: £214 (11.74%)
Savings rate: 17.57%

Side hustle 2 value: £3.40
Side hustle 3 value: £200 (Profit March - 523)
Side hustle 4 value: £757 (Funds:4653)

This month I was slightly over-working, with little to no break. I am aware of this, and i will try to relax in May. Th net worth increased with more than 800, with almost 600 on the portfolio increase and 249 debt reduction. The investments overseas took a hit due to the pound losing value, while the ones in UK slightly increased. Monthly income was a bit lower, with only 11% passive, mostly because of a miscalculation on matched betting (lost some bets and got only 200 profit instead of the average 3-400). The saving rate is still quite low, because i am paying at least 300 out of the debt every month. As major expenses, i an thinking to build an ethereum mining rig and to go in two holidays, in August and September, 10 days each. I am confident that i will manage to hit at least some winning jackpots with crypto, as i got some small amounts of altcoins growing up quite nicely. I am focusing of Proof of Stake altcoins such as Neo and Gridcoin (PoS means monthly or even daily interest if i will manage to get a significant amount).

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