Saturday, 23 December 2017

About patience

Motto: "Surrender is the inner transition from resistance to acceptance, from no to yes."
- Eckart Tolle -

I remember when i discovered from first time the financial independence concept, and i was so hyped up, that i would probably calculate my net wealth twice per day when i will receive some income or pay few bills. Same with the shares trading account, and lately with the cryptocurrency account, i would check them at least twice per day, once in the morning and once before sleep, to see if something changed. Oh, the times of the beginning, and how i will never learn. I made few wrong decisions based on rush, and i probably lost the opportunity to make at least 10-15 thousands more. But i improved with time, and i gradually increased my checks to one week, and to one month after. Now, after most of my trades happen automatically, i should probably do it every six months, in order to avoid the internal noise taking control of my thoughts inside my mind. I learned to be in the present moment, and to live life fully (I do it few times a day, and i am improving). I learned that once the investment done, i should set some limits, and then i should just let it go, and check again at the end of the term ( i try, i really try, but sometime i need reassurance, and i go online to check the numbers and to confirm myself that i am on the right way).

In order to achieve results, we should let the time to help us. We should be consistent with our saving and investing strategy, but to avoid to do decisions in the rush of the moment. Retrospectively, if i would let any major decision to be done after one good night sleep, the results should improve with some degree. So now and then, every time when i find myself in the same situation, i am just switching of the computer and try again in the morning. It is for the best, at least in my case.

How are you dealing with the fear of missing out and other kind of crisis? What are your strategies?

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