Monday, 27 November 2017

Individual choices - shares

I am advocating to use a fund that it is automatically following the FTSE100 or FTSE250 (in my case), but i also like to allocate a small percentage to some individual choices.

What i would like lately?
Let's see.

Kansai Paint - a Japanese company who invented an odorless paint containing mosquito repellent insecticide (see Zyka crisis this year).

Teladoc - telemedicine - remote healthcare

Dexcom - sensors attached to the skin to monitor blood sugar level in real time - great help for diabetics.

Alibaba and Amazon - as they will evolve even more in something we had never seen before.

Samsung Electronics, Tencent and Line - house assistants market will be big in the next years.

Alphabet (GOOGLE's parent company)

Those last companies are trying to improve the autonomous car, which will become a reality very soon.

Did you know that in 1900 28.5% of the cars in US where electric cars?

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