Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Adjusting to the incoming Brexit

I am trying to find new ways to improve the elusive Net Worth.

Until now i am looking to sell the car and buy a monthly bus pass. This will half my expenses with transport or even better, estimating value is £46 instead of 80-100 per month.

I am looking to finish with one side hustle, the one that i set the money aside and prepared for it, but i never started, while i will also try to improve another side hustle, the matched betting, by setting a plan and increase the monthly income.

I am also trying to simulate a way to find out what is cheaper, to do major repairs and cosmetic adjustments to the house, or try to rent another close to work, cutting the transport also. Still looking for different ways to do it.

If i manage to solve this until the end of the year, i will be proud of me.

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