Friday, 30 June 2017

Mistakes - part two

If you understand something intellectually as a concept, but you are not integrating that emotionally, sometimes you can make mistakes. As i did few days ago. Do not do like me, train yourself to not answer emotionally, but to follow the proven knowledge. Even if i know that i am prone to this kind of mistakes, i guard myself, but i am still doing them. Twice this year, my emotions got me in trouble. Same scenario, and i still not learned my lesson. So, from now on, i will give a 6 hours interval to react to this events.

What it this about? When you invest in something, you do your research, and you know that is a proven investment, and it starts to drop in value, fast. Normally, first response is panic. And you want to sell. If you age going for the long term, you should buy, not sell. But talking about me, i sold instead of buying, and this lack of control made me to potentially lose £5500. How do you deal with this emotional response? Is this something related to experience, or we just need to buy and forget until the time will come? Because to me seems that micromanaging too much will get you less profit than doing everything automatically, like a financial robot.

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