Thursday, 27 April 2017

One bitcoin, two bitcoins...

One interesting area to play with, although highly volatile, it is the digital currency market. In this last year we could see Bitcoin going up from 380 to 1000 pounds, and other secondary currencies such as Ethereum from 1 pound to 49 in less than one year. Just think about, if you got 1000 to spare and invested last august in Ethereum, you would have close to 50 thousand today. Of course, others have not such a sum to risk, but this was only one example. And they are probably still growing, so it is a bit more to get from it. (Truth to be told, it was a massive impact due to the India money reform and to the fact that some of the financial options in Japan got zero or negative interest, so the Indian and Japanese market play a huge part on the market.)

Check yourself, familiarize with the concept and invest a small amount of money every week or month in digital currency, you will be rewarded if you play the long term game.

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