Wednesday, 26 April 2017


They say that the intelligent person learn from his mistakes, the wise one from other's mistakes. Despite reading about this specific one, and learning about the psychological mechanisms behind this kind of behaviour, i did it myself 6 weeks ago. Seems like i am only intelligent, not wise, at the moment. A costly error, in fact a suit of 4-5 wrong decisions that spiraled in a catastrophic result, wiping out almost £1500. Took me 60 days of consistent work to recover, with more than 120 hours of real work. I will make this kind of error again? Probably not soon. As i had the feelings related to this and i learn. We are not perfect. And we need to realize that sometimes we will make the wrong decisions. Ideally, we should learn and never do it in the same way. A genius is the one that make hundreds on mistakes, but not the same one twice. And sometimes, in between our 101 mistakes, we do the right kind of mistake, and we discover something revolutionary. This is one way. The other way is to not test, to choose the traditional verified course of events, and to reach our objectives. But in the end, we will not have a story to tell. Perhaps we do not even need to tell a story. As long as we are there, where we aim to be.

Which way is the best to follow?

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