Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Self pity

"I, who have never willfully pained another, have no business to pain myself. "
- Marcus Aurelius -

It is true. Think about, it is as simple as that, if you will not accept for others to treat you, at least at the same level of you being upset when someone treat your best friend badly, you will be in a much better place. That's all for today.

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Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Rockstar Finance

One of the most complete personal finance blogs directory here. Enjoy it!

Friday, 3 February 2017

January 2017 - Monthly report

January 2017 - Monthly report
My Overview

Total portfolio: £21007(+570)
Debt: £0
External funds: £2500
Car: £500
Net Worth: £19007(+720)

Investments UK: £9682(+1565)
Investments overseas : £2772( N/A)
Cash: £3761 2028(-1733)
Pension: £5669 5989(+320)

Total Income: £12386 1777(-10609)
Passive income: £517(29.11%)
Savings rate: 91%%

Side hustle 1 value: £392
Side hustle 2 value: £123 ( Profit December £10950)
Side hustle 3 value: £370 (Profit December £191)

This month was good, as I was expecting. I have a decent increase in savings and investments, but i also paid in advance for two of my future holidays, buying 3 sets of return flights and booking 2 hotels, as it seems to be cheaper if i will do it earlier this year. I will go in holiday in March and May, and another time in August most probably. So i was spending approx. £500 for this goal. External funds - i need to explain this, one colleague just gave me his £2500 bonus to save it in my account or whatever until he will ask it back, as he is sure he will spend it if is available. I want to invest or save more than £800 every month as secondary objective for 2017. This month - 1530, secondary goal = achieved. Passive income was close to 30%, not so bad, but my real deal in January was my time - i had almost no free time whatsoever. This need to change. 

One year health plan - month 8

Motto: All the wealth in the world worth nothing for you, if you are not healthy.
(Financial freedom wizards manual)

Weight: 82 kg (0.2 kg more than 60 days before - 85 kg) at 1.80 m (5'9'') Aiming for 81 kg and 19% body fat on 1st of January.
Body fat: 18%  (2% less)
BMR (basic metabolic rate) = 1818 kcal
PAL (physical activity level) = 1.375
Energy requirement daily = 2499 kcal
BMI = 25.88

So, a decrease of 500 kcal per day should be sustainable if i eat enough fruit and veg.

1. Body
- Yoga techniques (postures, breathing and meditation) once per week
- Running or other kind of training - 3 sessions -30%

2. Diet
- A 70% plant based diet (with a twist of 70% alkaline food daily), no chemicals, less sugar, better hydration (300 ml water every 3 hours when possible) - I achieve this 90% of the time, i would say.
- One day a week - 24 hour fasting - I did not fast in January. I did not decreased the sugary and caffeine rich foods and drinks this month more than usual.

3. Mind
- Mindfulness techniques aka meditation: 30%
- Brain boosting supplements - For the this month i tried: Omega 3, Magnesium, Ginseng and Ginkgo biloba solution, My herbal remedies (but for the herbal treatments i did it completely only 20% of the time).

Physical training -After recovering almost completely with my foot problem, i did not run much. I did a training now and than, but nothing spectacular.
Diet - Was  fine, predominant vegetarian, without too much dairy and almost no eggs.
Mind - I am getting a bit unfocused lately, wasting far to much time on unessential activities.

Thursday, 2 February 2017

Another month is gone

January finished already, this year time is speeding. I will try to check my facts and results tomorrow. Health was a bit under the radar, but financially it was a very good month. Let's see what February will bring into the equation.