Sunday, 13 March 2016

The power of healthy habits

Habits are our masters, good or bad. They can lift us up or get us down. A habit is a force to recon with it. One apparently insignificant habit, to put some money every day in a piggy bank, and invest it every month, or week, managed to boost my savings with more than 20%. And on top of that, the satisfaction is there, bigger than any other completely automatic setup or investment pathway. It is about 10 pounds, invested every week in some P2P or bitcoin or property crowdfunding, but it is addictive. And in this case addiction is good, because every week will bring me closer to my early retirement.

As a side discussion, we should always try to implement a good habit every 3-6 months or so, ideally this being opposite to some bad habit that it is ruining our financial performance. Doing this, the goal of financial independence in 10 or less years is not a possibility, but a fact.

Good luck my fellows FI fighters!

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