Wednesday, 2 March 2016

February 2016 - Monthly report

My Overview

Total portfolio: £8057 (+96)
Debt:- £558 (-52)
Net Worth: £7499 (+148)

Investments UK: £2131 (+272)
Investments overseas : £1739 (+75)
Cash: £835 (+32)
Pension: £3352 (+201)

Total Income: £1358
Passive income: £13  (0.95%)

Not much passive income due to the shares situation and some investments in REIT that will start to pay about 2 months from now. Overall the result is positive, the market is slowly recovering. I did not worked to much, due to two short holidays (one in Dublin, one to see my parents in Romania) and 2 days off-sick, as you can see in my total income. Anyway, my investments are increasing in value, hopefully March will be more indulgent with me. I finished with my time off, and i expect to work on my recovery in the next two months. My next step will be to increase my overseas investments (32% ROI on up to 800 pounds invested per year) until the share market will come back to some kind of  normality.

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