Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Working on self-control

Trying to retire very early, or to achieve financial freedom, you will often hear references to stoics, Seneca, self control and other stuff related to this.

How to resist temptation, how to get that elusive self control that will help me to reach my goals faster than i am thinking?

You want to find out? Let's start together on this journey. First i will underline the importance of intrinsic motivation versus extrinsic motivation. If you rely on some external help, the probability to fail is higher. After this, you will need to act, to plan and stick to your plan, day by day, even if the results are not there at the beginning. To withstand to some emotional discomfort now for greater rewards later.

Adopt a set of exercises and routines to gain self control. Sleep is the most important, i would say. Set a sleeping schedule and follow it. You can also use the habit of making the bed right after you wake up. For more about making the bed habit research just google search. You will be surprised when you will read the benefits. Learn how to meditate. A lot of successful people said to me that meditation helped them to grow. Find a kind of meditation that you enjoy, and do it daily. No need to do it for hours, even 15 minutes after you wake up or before to go to sleep will give you tremendous advantage. Or maybe you are the experimental type. If meditation is not something you enjoy, try lucid dreaming as a hobby. Plan your life. Plan your month. Do not plan your day. Some researchers find that is more effective to have directions of action instead of to do lists. You can experiment here to see what work better for you. If you have some gigantic task, change it in 100 smaller ones. If you read 20 pages daily, you will still read around 30 books per year. If you write 50 pages every day, you can write a 500 pages book every 10 days. Right? Books are important, the real ones, where you can feel the pages. They have an important role in creating new inter-neuronal path and bla bla bla, giving you an edge versus Kindle like. Is about your senses, seeing versus seeing, tactile sensation, smell and so. Real books make you smarter. There is a research about this too.

Take care of yourself. Train your body to be in shape, Check what you eat, Cut extra-refined stuff, white sugar (did you tried honey, agave or maple syrup?), too much salt, heavy, fatty meat or whatever is creating you problems. Cold showers for a change, or fasting for 1-2-3 days, in order to surpass yourself and change your perspectives. You can gain a boosted immunity and more as a result.

This is a mere suggestion, you can find your own way to improve yourself and to control your excesses. I will appreciate if you can write me about your ways of doing this. Any help is well received.

Good luck and see you soon.

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