Monday, 18 January 2016

The science behind the cycles

They say that our life is ruled by cycles. Cycle or cellular regeneration, day-night cycle, lunar cycle. There are so many of them. I will talk today about one of them. The cycle of change. How many days we need to create a new habit (or to get rid of an old one, if is bad for us). We will often try to create new healthy financial habits. We need to do that. Some said it will take 28 days, a lucky synchronicity with the Lunar phases. Some said 100 days (as we regenerate 1% daily at a cellular level, hence 100 days for 100% regeneration, because you cannot make an old cell, ugh, wanted to say an old dog, to learn new tricks). Based on a personal observation, i would say that the number that work well for me is 90 days. 
Did you ever think about it? How many days do you need to create a new habit?

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