Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Motivation and attitude in F.I.R.E.

For today i will point only two ideas.

First, it is something that i observed more and more in the last year, an that is that the real work begin when i finish work. Even if now the main work is seen as an important tool in reaching financial independence, the main effort is in trying to live making good, consistent choices and being aware of my life. In 2015 i learn about Seneca, stoicism, frugality, shares, bonds, side hustles, i helped in invention patents case, start three new blogs, published 4 books, visited 2 new countries, finished 2 courses (Nutrition and health + Harvard Justice, with Michael Sandel as teacher), i run a 5 kilometer race, did 149 Freeletics workouts, i read 287 books and the list can continue. Most amazing fact, the year is not finished yet.In theory. I cannot imagine what will be next.

One piece of Japanese wisdom, for all the perfectionists, me included. "Give up on your perfect image of yourself, be the best imperfect person you can be, and do what you always wanted to do before you die." Very interesting, as we often propose an image of ourselves that is not real, and then we suffer because we are not there. Instead, we can accept ourselves as we are, and try to improve realistically. More than this, we must stop to do what we do not like just because it is a habit, and create new habits, experiences and skills, in order to cross some of the goals from our bucket list. One per month and is still alright. One per week and your life will be amazing. Imagine that, 52 new experiences next year. Sound good, isn't it?

Happy new year!


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