Saturday, 17 October 2015

Shave like your Grandpa(and save doing this)

I am willing to try this as a new ( old) method of save money and have a great shaving experience. Seems that all i need for a top experience is one badger hair type brush, one safety razor, one soap and stainless soap bowl and 100 razors. Estimate cost - £50-60. At the moment i use Gillette Proglide with razor cartridge - annual estimate cost - £120. I know that i save (only) 60 pounds, but friends of mine that already used this method told me that it is all about the shaving experience. Beware: it will take 1-2 weeks to learn this new skill.

Bonus: Times is money! What is this saying make you thinking? Because most of the readers of this blog probably are interested in early retirement and financial independence. Working hard now in order to save time later. But what about the other point of view? How do you treat your time? What is your average ROI for let's say one week of your life? Make a journal and track this. You will be surprised. Hint: there are some things money can't buy, and one of them is health (probably). Looking from this point of view, sleep is the most awesome time investment. Confusing? I just started. Do you want to do to much, but you do not have enough time? You know how to deal with money debt, i presume, so why to not do the same with your time debt? Because in the end all you need to remember is that Time is money, and the most amazing thing money can buy is Time. My most important goal (and yours i'd like to believe) is for me to be happy, and to do what is the most fulfilling, pleasure giving experience in life. And in order to do this i need Time. So, why not to give it the same importance as we give to Money, and realize that what we want to achieve doing this is Freedom and a happy life, because why not to admit it, sometimes we forget Bruce Le advice to watch the Moon, not the finger that point to it.

See you soon. Have a good night.


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