Sunday, 27 May 2018

Preview May 2018

This was a difficult month, and i was slowly running away from my FIRE objective. It is harder and harder for me to achieve my goals, because of a loan that i took in times of need. Now seems that is sitting screwed on my brain, and the only way to achieve piece is to pay it completely, as soon as possible, instead of waiting the whole 5 years for the monthly payments. The rest of the work is still in progress, and i will probably do not see much profit until the summer of 2019. I am not very patient at the time. I made also a major mistake with the match betting, also not the same magnitude of the previous one (1500), this time it was only 320 of my profit, and hopefully i learned to not repeat it in the same way. I will probably have a minimal profit on matched betting this month, and i used a good part of the cash reserves to book flights for two future holidays in August and September. I try to use the passive income for the coming holidays, as i do not want to get money fro my wages.

Let's see what future brings (Hopefully a lot of luck in the coming World Cup betting)!

The numbers will be posted as soon as the month is finished.

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