Tuesday, 2 January 2018

December 2017 - Monthly report

My Overview

Total portfolio: £34375(+2047)

Debt: £5340(-965)

External funds: ZERO

Car: No

Net Worth: £29035(+1012)

Investments UK: £18722(+529)

Investments overseas : £3954( -206 because of the pound devaluation)

Cash: £2500 (-626)

Pension: £8604 (+371)

Total Income: £3359 (+1147)

Passive income: £2123(63.78%)

Savings rate: 22.07%

Side hustle 2 value: £3.35

Side hustle 3 value: £471 (Profit October = 446)

Side hustle 4 value: £1652 (Funds:3944)

The portfolio increased slightly (2047), but the net wealth not so much (1012), mainly because i started to pay the loan (965 this month). The cash reserve continue to decrease, as we are still working on the rental house, but the painting and the new carpet is done, and not much left. Still, i estimate to finish until the end of January, as i am going on a short 4 days holiday in Belgium to start the year with a relaxing mood. Tomorrow i will post the year financial report. Once the house is rented, we can consolidate the cash deposits again, and i am thinking to finish the mortgage (9K left). After that we will probably start to save for a new deposit, as i am thinking to buy a flat for rental purpose. The matched betting was decent this month, even if i did not made a lot of effort on that direction. I cashed in 1652 from cryptocurrency, and i am working this year toward a dual purpose portfolio - one part will focus on creating a mining income, the second on buying promising alt-coins (I keep an eye on Iota, Verge, NEO and Ripple). As soon as the portfolio is build (aiming for £30-35 daily, at the moment i got approx. £6), i will start to redirect the income provided towards dividend paying shares, p2p lending and crowdfunding real estate. We will see what the future will bring!

A happy new year! And a happy saving!

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