Saturday, 6 January 2018

Cryptocurrency corner - January

I was keeping an eye of few altcoins and i will try to build a portfolio, free when possible, or buying when it is a dip. Today price was:

Verge          0.12
Iota             3.12
Cardano     0.80
Neo          78.06
NEM          1.32
Ripple        2.28

My January altcoin portfolio contains:
Iota, Ripple, Dogecoin.

Next step: 1st of February.


  1. What's your angle with Dogecoin?

    I read that it was stated as a joke and hasn't had any Dev updates for years? Are you just hoping to short term trade rather then Hodl that one?

  2. It is good for transfers from one exchange to another if both have dogecoin as the transfer of any amount cost one doge (0.5 pence) while transfering Bitcoin in December was up to £50

  3. And was faster than Bitcoin.