Wednesday, 3 January 2018

2017 - yearly report

While in the year 2016 the total income was 35073 with 19202 passive income (54.7%), coming from 8 different sources of income (one being plain old work in a full time job and few part time ones - 15871), in 2017 my total income was 33531 with 17440 passive income (52%) from the same old 8 sources of income (full time job, agency job, crypto-mining, matched betting, interest, royalties, internet and crowdfunding real estate)

I sold the car and in manage to reduce my monthly spending with £100 because of that. I went in three holidays (Italy circuit from north to south, Romania twice - once to take mum and grandma in a week holiday, once with my partner at the seaside). We moved together in September and i played the house designer, being pleased with the results. 

I continued to train and try to eat healthy, and sometimes i was more succesful then other times, but i want to improve this area. I plan to work to improve my stretching, core and grip in 2018.

I paid a 3000 loan in 6 months and i took another 6000 one to invest in one side hustle.

So, it was a fruitful and beneficial year for me, i just with that 2018 will be at least that good, if not even better for me and you.

Take care and keep saving, because in terms of business, it is totally worth it to invest 5 years of your life working hard if the result is close to 20-22 years worry free before your retirement s ( return on investment higher that 400%, you cannot get that nowhere in real life financial investment, and we talk about time, a resource much valuable than money.)



  1. Pretty good year there!

    I need to start having a look at crypto mining!

    How did the full 8 categories break down, if you don't mind me asking?

  2. In the order of importance:

    With second divided in 12574 crypto 4966 matched betting and 26 website

  3. Cheers! Is the 12000 in crypto with no money down, or did you seed any capital? I.e. is it all from mining (if so were there any costs involved with that)?

  4. 3000 capital. Mining on hashflare and minergate mainly and Ethereum buy with 36 and sold at 180.