Friday, 15 September 2017

Cryptocurrency - Faucets - No.2

As i said, this is my second post in the interesting and full of danger world of digital currencies.
The faucets will let you have small amounts of bitcoin and other alt-coins, at regular intervals. I tested for a period, and recorded the performance of the best rated faucets and miners. But about miners i will talk maybe with other occasion, so let's keep it simple. This is a long term strategy, which eventually can provide a good 100% passive income, completely free, at the expense of 5 minutes daily.

1. First you gonna need a very good add-block. Once this is set up, you can go to the next step.
2. Make one account on Eobot. This is a miner/main deposit account, where you can use the coins gained from other faucets to mine something for the next 5 years. This website also has a faucet to access once per day. Ideally you switch on Cloud mining 5 years - GHS 4.0,  (last position on the mining menu) before using the faucet, avoiding the 35% fee when you buy it with some of the coins. If you are in UK, switch from dollar to pound.
3. Make one account on Coinpot. This is a micro-wallet where you can store bitcoin, litecoin and dogecoin. For the moment we gonna focus on these three alt-coins, as they are the most lucrative.
4. You need to make one account on each of these faucets. I will also put in the brackets the faucet refresh interval. Moon Litecoin (5 minutes) Moon Bitcoin (5 minutes) Moon Dogecoin (5 minutes)
Bitfun faucet in offers (3 minutes) Bonus Bitcoin (15 minutes) All these faucets get automatically collected in Coinpot wallet.
5. There are other 2 faucets that are not collected in Coinpot, so you need to transfer them manually in the Eobot account, using the Eobot bitcoin and dogecoin addresses. Free Bitcoin (1 hour) Free Dogecoin (1 hour).
6. Strategy: click on all faucets at last once per day, as you get 1% bonus every day up to 100% more after 100 days. Every month transfer the coins from Free Bitcoin and Free Dogecoin faucets to your Eobot account. On Coinpot, at the end of the month convert all the dogecoins and litecoins to bitcoins. Transfer the bitcoins to your Eobot account. Once you have everything on Eobot, buy GHS 4.0. You can use it to mine whatever you fancy, bitcoin, ethereum and litecoin will be easier to sell. Keep using all the coins you gain to buy additional cloud mining (GHS 4.0 for 5 years).
7. Exit strategy: after you get paid a decent amount per hour, you need to make one account on some good wallet to link it with your bank account. I use Coinbase for this. You can sell you coins here on Coinbase and send the money straight in your account. This last account need to be properly protected by a decent password. As an additional layer of security, you can make a separate account in bank to use only for mining (and match betting, as i do, to record the profit i make each month easily).

I provide you with one example of my exploits in the mining/faucets area, which is not too impressive, but still, free money gained with minimal effort are always good, right? You can ask me any related question here, on this post, and i will try to answer if i know.

Disclaimer: Some of the links are referral links. 


  1. Why do faucets pay you? I don't get what value your click is adding each day. How have the returns been over time?

  2. I go for minimum time -max results, meaning only morning and evening, and every Sunday I send the to eobot site to invest in mining contracts 5 years. So the hope is to mine some winners on eobot. Last year was a bit under £500, but was a lucky year with huge increases for altcoins.

  3. They get money from adds, I think.