Sunday, 2 April 2017

One year health plan - month 10

Motto: All the wealth in the world worth nothing for you, if you are not healthy.
(Financial freedom wizards manual)

Weight: 80 kg (2 kg lessthan 60 days before ) at 1.80 m (5'9'') Aiming for 77 kg and 15% body fat on 1st of may.
Body fat: 14%  (4% less)
BMR (basic metabolic rate) = 1818 kcal
PAL (physical activity level) = 1.375
Energy requirement daily = 2499 kcal
BMI = 24.69

So, a decrease of 500 kcal per day should be sustainable if i eat enough fruit and veg.

1. Body
- Yoga techniques (postures, breathing and meditation) once per week - done
- Running or other kind of training - 1 sessions -10%

2. Diet
- A 70% plant based diet (with a twist of 70% alkaline food daily), no chemicals, less sugar, better hydration (300 ml water every 3 hours when possible) - I achieve this 80% of the time, i would say.
- One day a week - 24 hour fasting - I did not fast in March. I did not decreased the sugary and caffeine rich foods and drinks this month more than usual.

3. Mind
- Mindfulness techniques aka meditation: 40%
- Brain boosting supplements - For the this month i tried: Omega 3, Magnesium, Ginseng and Ginkgo biloba solution, My herbal remedies (but for the herbal treatments i did it completely only 10% of the time).

Physical training -Was fine at the beginning of the month, but based on walking during the holiday, which holiday disrupted my normal routine.
Diet - Was  fine, predominant vegetarian, without too much dairy and almost no eggs.
Mind - I am getting a bit unfocused lately, wasting far to much time on unessential activities. Training focus is a must.

Two months left until the end of the program, and i tested different approaches to solve the health equation. In April i aim for running seriously, building a bit of strength and clearing the emotional body. Focus training should be added too.

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