Saturday, 1 April 2017

March 2017 - Monthly report

March 2017 - Monthly report

My Overview

Total portfolio: £24151(+2910)
Debt: £4000 (+4000)
External funds: £1000 (+400)
Car: £500
Net Worth: £19651 (-990)

Investments UK: £13221(+3352)
Investments overseas : £2772( N/A)
Cash: £1100 (-186)
Pension: £6188(+199) 6426

Total Income: £1374(-1412)
Passive income: £13 (0.94%)
Savings rate: 2%

Side hustle 1 value: £392
Side hustle 2 value: £0
Side hustle 3 value: £0 (Profit February £1700)

Short story of March: I managed to loan 4000, invest more than 3000 and even spend more than 1000 on a special project. I also noticed that all my side hustles are geographically limited, so during my extended holiday, travelling in Italy from north to south and visiting most important places (in my opinion), i was just spending and spending. First two days I was a bit clingy, but i decided to enjoy it and focus on recovering the expenses in April. Also my next holiday is in May, for 3 weeks again, so this year i will relax a bit on the side, on work when is needed. I have many tests and projects related to finance, and i will be very happy if at least half of them will be successfully completed.

Let's talk about money! My portfolio increased with a considerable amount (3k), but my debt also, even if i will pay it when i have some extra to spare. Investments and pension together made it to one 3.5k this month, only 500 spend in holiday from the borrowed money. But when someone is giving you 4k to do the dream trip that you are planning it from 3-4 years ago, you do not argue with the one offering this to you, right? The cash reserve is mostly the same, the real passive income was almost nonexistent this month, and the savings rate is the lowest in the past 27 months. I have high hopes for April. But we will see what happens next.

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