Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Holiday thoughts

It is funny how our mind will play its new tricks on us, again and again. I was in holiday, in some 3 random countries of Europe. Nice company, nice views and all that, but for the first 2-3 days in the beginning i was kind of annoyed, as the matched betting did not work there, and i needed to fight with my perception that i am loosing money each day i am away. Of course, logically i understood the mechanism, and after a while i just enjoyed being away and not doing anything. I even went over my proposed expenses, just to fully embrace all the new experiences available to me. And it was worth it. Retrospectively, i can see what happen, learn from it and use the acquired knowledge on my next trips. But i also realized that a good bunch of my income is relaying on me being in a specific geographic area (90% of it, i will say). And it will push me to find new, better activities, that i can use in any place, at any time. Working on this now, we will see what future brings.

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