Saturday, 28 January 2017


The monthly report is almost ready, seems that I am over-delivering, according to my schedule. We will see what will happen in the next 3 days. It was a quiet month, with some extra expenses aiming to save some serious money over the year. I already paid for 6 flights and some of the accommodation price already. The future is bright!

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

New plans

It feels good to have no debts. But now i need to go even a step further. I need to increase the savings percentage over 50%. How hard can be? I will see. It is even that or i will set a minimum amount to be saved monthly, and i will just work more to achieve it. I do not know which will be the final choice. Let's see how it is going.

Have a nice fruitful week!

Thursday, 12 January 2017

"Work is better when you don't need the money" - quote of the day

"Work is better when you don't need the money"
Mr. Money Mustache

No comments on it, just a little video for all to enjoy.

Click here to see it.

Friday, 6 January 2017

2016 - yearly report

While in 2015 i earned 16506 with only 114 passive income ( 0.7%), in the year 2016 the total income was 35073 with 19202 passive income (54.7%), coming from 8 different sources of income (one being plain old work in a full time job and few part time ones - 15871). I started several side hustle projects, 5 worthy to mention, one with 10950 profit, one with 1023 profit in the last three months of 2016, still ongoing, one with 1 pound profit from interest (still on the paper), one with 700 spent and only 45 returned and one with a loss of approx. 600. Overall, was fine, and i have at least one side hustle to continue in 2017, with an possible profit of 4-5000.

I paid 500 for a car in December 2016, with additional expenses of 74 for road tax, 20 for petrol and 57 per month for insurance. MOT due in September. I used only once and i will probably sell it, as my other half already got a car and she use it every day. Or I will start to use it. Whichever of tow happen first.

I met James Altucher and Tony Robbins (also walked on fire and trained for 4 days for 649, but these were money well spent). I paid 1500 for three holidays in Dublin/Ireland, Mallorca/Spain and Herculane/Romania.

I implemented a 12 month health plan, and I improved my health every month, managing even to get out of my daily thyroid medication at the moment.

I paid all my debts in December 2016.

So, it was a fruitful and beneficial year for me, i just with that 2017 will be at least that good, if not even better for me and you.

Take care and keep saving, because in terms of business, it is totally worth it to invest 5 years of your life working hard if the result is close to 20-22 years worry free before your retirements ( return on investment higher that 400%, you cannot get that nowhere in real life financial investment, and we talk about time, a resource much valuable than money.)


Thursday, 5 January 2017

December 2016 - Monthly report

December 2016 - Monthly report
My Overview

Total portfolio: £20437(+10233)
Debt: £0 (-2870)
Car: £500
Net Worth: £18287(+10863)

Investments UK: £8117(+6211)
Investments overseas : £2772( +808)
Cash: £3761(+2843)
Pension: £5669(+253)

Total Income: £12386 (+10239)
Passive income: £11131(89.9%)
Savings rate: 92%%

Side hustle 1 value: £392
Side hustle 2 value: £118 ( Profit December £10950)
Side hustle 3 value: £191 (Profit December £154)

December was awesome. I managed to cash in one of the many side hustles started in Spring 2016. Not so bad. Almost 11 grands to go to my portfolio. Half of it i invested in website, to try something different than my usual partners. My portfolio value doubled up, debt erased completely and the net worth just bumped  out with the already mentioned 11k. 20% of the profit i will also invest it in overseas instruments, just in case. I keep some cash in my TSB account for the 5% interest (was good while it lasted, i think it will go from 5% on £2000 to 3% on £1500 from January). The double record, savings rate of 92% and passive income of almost 90% for this month, was astounding, I hope i will manage to reach a better one in 2017. I will do some fact checks and statistics for the entire year very soon.

Have a perfect week,