Friday, 2 September 2016

August 2016 - monthly report

August 2016 - Monthly report
My Overview

Total portfolio: £13016 (+4357)
Debt: £2117 (+187)
Net Worth: £10899 (+4160)

Investments UK: £1627 (-254)
Investments overseas : £1839 1983 (+144)
Cash: £4524 (+4191)
Pension: £4882 (+276)

Total Income: £7821 (+6291)
Passive income: £6313 (80.72%)
Savings rate: Unknown

Side hustle 1 value: £392
Side hustle 2 value: £53650 (+47365)

What a month! I am not believing what is happening and i cannot even think what will be next, as one of my side hustles started to work beyond my greatest expectations. It is a highly individualized business, so no, i cannot share it yet, because i fear competition. Anyway, let's start with the beginning. My portfolio jumped with more than 4K. Debt increased a little, just because i cannot take too much from the profit back as is needed to be reinvested. The net worth is also reflecting the increase, and i want to clear all my debts in the next two months. UK investments decreased slightly, while overseas ones increased, mostly because of the pound drop in the exchange rates. Cash increased with the mentioned 4K, as the cheque came in the 30th of the month. Pensions increase with their monthly contributions. As for my passive income percentage (which in fact is not fully passive, but it is done unrelated to my full time job) is a mighty 80%. Now all that i need is to continue with the secret side hustle and to build a portfolio with a yearly ROI bigger than 5%. If everything will go according to the plan, i am thinking to learn more about real estate and real estate auction. Wish you at least as much luck as mine, even double, if possible.

(I am in holiday now, first 10 days of September, but last month i had some solid 80+ hours work weeks, I am trying hard to not overexert and exhaust myself, because, at the end of the day, the health is important too. That is the disadvantage of an activity where the time allocated is directly influencing the profit, so, at the moment I need to teach myself to not become too obsessed with making money. Imagine that!)

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