Tuesday, 26 July 2016

Side hustle - failure is an option

I found this interesting idea where you can put files with something that is about your expertise and the field you master, and people will want to read it, but they will do a short survey before download it. And you will get paid for that survey. Interesting way to motivate people to complete survey. I went to the website and i made a register submission, and i still need to receive the email to confirm my username and password. Now, this could work, or maybe not. But my agenda is already full, so i made a habit of not trying something for third time if it is not really working. The people writing about it said they made sometimes 100$ per month, but you can do even more. If you have the patience to try it, good luck.

P.S. The link is here.

P.S. no.2 While i was publishing this post the confirmation email came. So the link is a referral link now. I will write about it after one month after i see how it is going.

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